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Passionate About Healing & Helping you Find your Purpose & Love.

Loukas Panether is a Hierophant, Practicing Shaman, Holistic Trainer, Lifestyle Coach & Mentor with 7 years experience in Shamanism, 8 years in metal therapy & 14 years in strengthening coaching & Rehabilitation.


Loukas was awakened from the Spirit of his own Mother that entered his body at 2pm on the first Sunday of March 2006. A mist of air entred his body. He felt he had gained super powers, and he did for a period of time.

 It was the essence of his mother in him. He started seeing the spirit of his diseased Mother in his awakened state that guided and gave him the powers to save his 11 year old brother from an orphanage. This was a borrowed blessing, which opened up the pathway to the dead spirits. He had different encounters with many Spirits.

From Jesus, to Buddha, to Holy Mary, to Thoth, to the black shawn, to a native elder, to Aboriginal Spirits.

The Spirit of his own mother gave him access to this realm, a vision of an eagle, the embrace of the Panther,  and Wayne Dyer's telepathic encounter - just before his Death in August 2015 - opened up the path to the Amazonian jungle. This is were he connected with Master Plants, and he got initiated by the Amazonian guardian Spirits. He experienced his own Shamanic Death, and full paralicis.

When he finally came back he was given access to the Magical Icaros.

For the past 7 years Loukas has been preparing and training with Sacred Tabacco Mapacho, and Ayahuasca as a practicing Shaman and Ayahuasceros, while he has been practicing his Western principles for thr Mind and Body.


Loukas is offering a mental emotional recalibration session where he is combining Shamanic healing, Entity removal, Hypnotherapy, NLP, Time Line Therapy, QTT, Bilaterally Stimulation, and includes Mapacho Healing, and frequencies from his own voice channeled and guided to penetrate people's auric field and concentrate at the problem area.

Great for anxiety, depression, PTSD, stress, obesity, anger, brake ups, Life coaching, and mentoring.

This is a Shamanic Spiritual Practice.

Loukas doesn't diagnose or subsidize your medical doctor. Always ask your doctor, for all medical concerns. 


  • Holistic Lifestyle Coach (Chek Institute - San Diego California, USA) 

  • Business Coach (Tad James - Melbourne, Australia) 

  • Exercise Fitness Trainer (Australian Institute of Fitness Melbourne, Australia) 

  • Trainers Trainer Hypnotherapy (Tad James - Melbourne, Australia)

  • Masters in NLP (Coaching Room - Sydney, Australia)

  • Shamanic Energy Healing Practitioner (Paul Statton - Melbourne, Australia) 

  • Initiation Into Shamanism (Iquitos & Pucallpa, Peru, South America)

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